The Gaff Pack for Brooklyn Playing Cards


The Gaff pack has 42 gaffed cards that will fit perfectly with a Brooklyn Playing cards deck. You will find all the classic gaffs and more! Included is also a PDF that will explain some of the gaffs and provide instructions for an awesome any named card to wallet. This trick alone is worth more then the price of the pack.


Our price is the same as the Brooklyn Card Co, 32.50$ CAD (about 25$ USD).

You can buy a regular Gaff Pack or have it trimmed to fit your favorite stripper deck from Slim Card.


Here is a short list of some gaffs included:


-Jack, Queen, & King Quartets

-4x repeatable cylical wild card sets, (aka Tommy Wonder's "Tamed Card" Gaff Set)

-Double faced royal flush/ indifferent cards (for Martin Lewis' "Ghost Deal", aka "Magician's Poker," aka Harry Riser's "Royal Flush Assembly", aka  J.C Wagner's "Ghost Deal Variation.")

-Marked ESP cards (blank, could draw ESP or any symbols/ words)

-Vertically split back/face royal flush cards with indifferent faces

-Misindexed ace of clubs with 3 of hearts, and misindexed three with ace

-Red backed misindexed JC/JS

-Red backed misindexed JH/JD

-Blue backed misindexed JH/JD

-Mcdonald’s Aces

-Standard Wild Card gaffs

-Blank faced red and blue backed

-Double backed same both sides red and blue

-Double backed different color- red & blue




Ce paquet de cartes truquées se marie parfaitement au jeux de cartes "Brooklyn Playing cards". Vous trouverez toutes les cartes truquées traditionnelles ainsi que des cartes uniques! Un PDF est inclus avec votre achat qui explique ce qu'il y a ainsi qu'un truc de magie où le spectateur nomme une carte qui se retrouve dans votre porte-feuille.


Vous pouvez acheter un paquet régulier ou le faire tailler pour qu'ils correspondent à votre jeu truqué préféré de Slim Card.

The Gaff Pack for Brooklyn Playing Cards