''N'' Stripper

The guy that runs that website makes some of the nicest gaffed cards I've ever seen. Top-notch work. I put his work, especially in the areas of fine and super-fine stripper decks and other esoteric specialty cuts, right up there with the best!!


Jason England

Las Vegas, NV USA

Dice Tops, Belly strippers and NS

This is top material done by very nice people. The cards are perfectly cut, and the dice are immaculate. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended.      


Jean-Jacques Sanvert

Paris, France

Bahamar Casino, Casino Montelago, and Bicycle Leaf Back Cards

Not only were the products I ordered fantastic, but the business-client relations were outstanding! There had been a change in my order, and Steph notified me promptly to make sure I was content with my purchase. He was very professional and polite, and dealing with him was a pleasure. The items were shipped promptly, and arrived within days of our email exchange. Overall, a great experience!        


Jordan D. 

Woodburn, OR USA

''N'' Stripper

N-strippers are an incredible tool. Make no mistake - they are a challenge to master (even Dai Vernon acknowledged that), but are well worth the time and effort. This product from Slim is very high quality. I can't speak highly enough of the craftsmanship, and the price is more than fair. Whether you're a mechanic, performer or collector, you'll want to have these.   


Ralph Shelton 

Newport Beach, CA USA

Belly stripper

These are high quality belly strippers. Really excellent. Of the many I've handled over the years, these are definitely the best. I highly recommend these for any performer, mechanic or collector. Don't be taken aback at the price - they're absolutely worth every cent.               


Ralph Shelton

Newport Beach, CA USA

Combined End/Wedge Stripper

Impressive quality, precision made. To date, the best I’ve handled so far.           



Paris France

''N'' Stripper

This is an amazing deck of cards. I own other 'stripper' decks but nothing like this!! The tutorial is very easy to follow but the technique is a little tricky. It will take some time to get the hang of this one! But it is so worth it! There are unlimited possibilities with this deck! I give this deck an A+. Thanks guys! Im off to practice :) 5/5.

Mr. Mills


Belly Stripper

These cards are the most fine belly strippers I have ever personally used, the cuts are so fine and so precise a spectator can hold them by the edges and inspect them, they will not see a thing. I a truly 100% impressed with the craftsmanship and work put into these cards. They even fool the know it alls! If you're looking for something to blow away the people that are giving away your tricks during your performance, this is it. Or if you just want some of the highest grade belly strippers here they are!! Buy now, you won't regret it! 5/5.


Mr. Lloyd


End Stripper

Quality product with precision work !!! Fast delivery and excellent service! 5/5.


Mr. Duclos

Quebec, Canada

Rainbow Deck

The explanations are clear, fast delivery and excellent service! 5/5. Thank you.


Mr. Duclos

Quebec, Canada

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"I was always on the lookout for crooked card moves so I asked him to introduce me to some of the other fellows who were “in”. Anytime I heard there was gambling going on I used to try and see if I could learn anything that could be applied to magic.”


- Dai Vernon, He fooled Houdini, the Vernon Chronicles volume 4