Bushey gambler’s card trimmer



This site is a homage to the old card companies from the twenties to sixties that sold gaffed cards and other gambling equipment from catalogs that claimed their products were the best and compared to no others. We are always fascinated when we browse through an old Blue book (KC Card Co) catalog or one from Hunt & Company. We would think how great it would be to buy a combination belly strippers deck of playing cards or to get our hands on some shakeout and figure out what the hell they were anyway…


Well we decided to take matters into my own hands and start making gaffs. In 2012, we met with a retired hustler in Las Vegas who showed us how to make all kinds of gaff cards and we acquired a card trimmer. Over the years, we also met many persons who help us in improving our craft.


This is the culmination of all that we have experienced, tried, read, shared, cut ‘till our fingers bled” and practised with playing cards. So relax and enjoy the visit through the various pages of history, tricks, gambling gaffs and playing cards. We hope you like it!

- Legendary Quote -


“One of the most sophisticated stripper decks I have encountered allowed the cheater to pull aces or kings, at his discretion. Minor variation in the contours, different finger positions and pressures, and months of practice made for a very impressive control. The dual combination helps change the makeup of winning hands.”


                                                                - Steve Forte, Poker Protection