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Find out about the tools we use the most. These are all the card trimmers and corner rounders we have at our disposal.

Various cheating devices used by cardsharps to "get the money". These tools are very interesting to study and to include in a magician's repertoire.

Antiques Playing Cards

Our love of playing cards have pushed us to wonder how playing cards felt like a century ago. We decided to find out and acquired vintage playing cards to collect and play with.

Books are a fundamental piece of every magician's learning. These books inspired us and taught us how to make devious gaffs and tricks.

Old gambling supply house catalogs have been around for more than a century and they were the main provider of equipment for card cheaters. You can always learn something  when reading one. They are the inspiration of this website.

Find More Treasure Here...

Other stuff and memorabilia that are related to gambling and magic.

- Legendary Quote -


“This country has a long history of firms specializing exclusively in supplying gambling cheats with the tools of their trade. Every gambler who headed west to the latest gold rush town to fleece the prospectors carried a Will & Fick catalog in his back pocket, secure in the knowledge that he could always wire to have marked cards or any other gaff shipped to the nearest express office.”


-Darwin Ortiz, Gambling Scams