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This rotary card trimmer is our first tool. With it, we learned and perfected the art of card trimming and spent countless hours trying and inventing new gaffs. 



This is a Bushey gambler’s card trimmer (stamped JB no.9) made of solid brass. It was the trimmer used by Dr. X to make the Dr. X belly stripper decks. What is interesting about this trimmer is the precision micrometer settings.



This stripper jig holds a playing card precisely so you can cut the card by sliding a razor blade along its edge, shaving a whisker off the card. This Irish device was made and conceived by Eoin O’Hare.



This little guillotine trimmer makes precise cuts and works very fast. You can make a gaff deck in only a couple of minutes. Perfect for carrying around, it can sometimes do magic with a borrowed deck…



The corner rounder is an essential tool to finish almost every type of gaff cards. It rerounds the corner so you do not see where the card was cut. This antique corner rounder is from the fifties and still works perfectly.



This picture trimmer from Kodak was made at the turn of the 20th century was commonly used by cheats and cardsharps to ''doctor'' their playing cards. They could gaff the cards to make wedge strippers and even belly strippers. It's not as precise as the other trimmers above.

Corner short card trimmer

Corner short card trimmer

Corner rounder plyer

Corner rounder plyer



There are also other tools needed to conceive devious gaffs used for magic. Sometime a simple corner short card trimmer will do miracles.

- Legendary Quote -


“One of the most sophisticated stripper decks I have encountered allowed the cheater to pull aces or kings, at his discretion. Minor variation in the contours, different finger positions and pressures, and months of practice made for a very impressive control. The dual combination helps change the makeup of winning hands.”


                                                                - Steve Forte, Poker Protection