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Jan 30, 2022

Great Price, Prompt Service, Best Quality.. this is the place for all your card+dice needs.

Mustafa T.
Boston US

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Negative strippers and other gaffed decks and dice

Jan 10, 2022

I've been a customer for a few years now and EVERY deck and each set of dice i've purchased has been way, way beyond remarkable. it's hard to believe the quality of the work. Steph is a Master in the Art of Gaffing. And his tutorials are spot on when it comes to describing the nuances of how to put the gaffs to use. usually you can't believe the hype. we've all been there. But here the hype isn't hype at all. It's pure fact. Anything and everything you get from Steph is what he says it is. And then some.

Jim H.
Buffalo US

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Double Wedge and Juice Deck

Jan 10, 2022

I have brought many items from Slimcard over the last few months. I keep coming back as the quality is top notch and Steph always goes above and beyond to help - superb products!


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Slim Card

Dec 18, 2021

Perfection in gaff cards. The trimming is perfect. This is my first time using these cards and I am amazed that I can really use them. I don’t see how these cards could be any more perfect.

Don H.
Tucson, AZ USA

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Mini Stripper Deck

Dec 16, 2021

Precision made - works perfectly. Highly recommended

Ed G.
North Vancouver, Canada

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Rainbow deluxe

Oct 30, 2021

Sebastian V.
Schwenningen Germany

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Oct 24, 2021

Great feel!

John W.
Saskatoon, Canada

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N Strippers

Sep 7, 2021

The work on these is spectacular. Virtually undetectable, except to someone both familiar with and aware of the work. While it takes some getting used to, once mastered it's powerful.

Ralph S.
Newport Beach USA

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Forte Deck

Aug 27, 2021

This is my favorite stripper deck. It looks great and feels great. With a bit of practice it feels like you are just cutting the deck. Plus you can do all the traditional stripper applications too!

Ed A.
Colorado Springs, USA

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Fast Jack Book and the extra gift

Jul 29, 2021

I love how you got the book signed by the man himself and you deciding to include a gift was actually a surprise. I will buy again from here probably for a casino deck or some of your gaff work.

United States

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“When I arrived home, I opened Ame’s package that he gave me as a thank you for working at the Lame Novelty Company and found it contained a number of catalogues describing crooked gambling equipment, several books exposing various cheating methods involving cards, dice, and carnival games, and several books on magic, but the one that impressed me most at the time was Expert at the card table.” 


– John Scarne, The Odds Against Me