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1. Notice


By accessing our website, you accept the terms of sale below. Slim Card reserves the right to modify these terms without notice and at any time. You agree to be bound by the terms that are in effect at the time you access the website. You are therefore required to check these terms of sale to be informed of any changes.



2. Company Information


Name: Slim Card

REQ: 2270503347

Main activity: Online retailer

Address: C.P. 85040, 345 Laurier

City: St-Hilaire

Province: Québec

Country: Canada

Postal code: J3H 5W1

Phone: 514.268.5395  *Long distance fees may apply.

Email: Contact us




3. Product Description


All altered cards are prepared by hand and therefore the quality may vary between decks. You will not be able to exchange cards from other decks unless it is designed for that very purpose. In order for the gaffed playing cards to work, there will always be small discrepancies that are very deceptive but that can be observable.



4. Prices


All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes. Rebates must be submitted at the beginning of the transaction. No refunds will be allowed on the discounts claimed after the transaction.



5. Taxes


Sales taxes are not included in the sale price. Also, please note that we are not responsible for any fees or charges that may apply to Customs.



6. Terms of payment


All payments must be in Canadian dollars. The total transaction amount must be paid at the time of the transaction. The item will be delivered only after full payment is received. PayPal is the only accepted method of payment. PayPal accepts credit cards and payments via bank account. A PayPal account is not required to make a purchase. No bank order, cash, personal or other payment check is accepted. The transaction has been accepted, you will receive your copy of the invoice within 15 days by email and shipping confirmation of your package.



7. Fraud


Slim Card reserves the right to suspend or cancel any transaction for verification against fraud.



9. Limited Warranty


Slim Card will replace any defective product without charge. This limited warranty is valid for 30 days. The limited warranty will not be honored in the event of abuse, accident, misuse, non-compliance with the conditions of sale, repairs were carried out by a third party.


This warranty is not transferable to a third party and is only granted to the Buyer.


To be eligible for the Limited Warranty, you must contact us with a description of the problem so that we can analyze your application. You will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours.


Your email should include the following information:


  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number

  • Date of purchase

  • Invoice number

  • Type of article

  • Concise description of the problem


If your application is approved, the defective item will be replaced at no charge. You must return the unused merchandise in its original packaging, accompanied by the original invoice. You have a responsibility to protect the well during shipment. If all conditions are met, you will receive the new item within 15 days of receipt of the damaged product.


Returned your articles to the following address:


Slim Card

C.P. 85040, 345 Laurier

St-Hilaire (Québec)

J3H 5W1




10. Shipping and Delivery


Limitations: We only serve the following list of countries:  Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chine, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italia, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, New-Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.


Service Delivery: All orders will be sent by Canada Post. No order may not pick up the local Slim Card.


Shipping and handling: Sending parcels is done within 7 days after receipt of payment during business days. The buyer must provide a valid shipping address and is responsible for the additional costs of returning the event of an invalid address delivery. The delivery time may vary from 3 days, up to 6 weeks or more, depending on your geographic location.


Handling: All items will be packaged and delivered in a cardboard box or a protected envelope. Handling charges are free.


Shipping rates:  Rates


Restriction: Please contact us for a shipping quote for all packages above 3.5 kg. One deck weight 110g.


Additional fees: All customs duties, brokerage fees, local taxes and other applicable charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Please check with your customs department before making a transaction. Marked "Gift" will not be added to any package, and that, for any reason.



11. Cancellation, exchange, return


No exchange, return or cancellation transaction will be allowed or accepted after 15 days after the sale. All transactions after 15 days will be charged at 100%. No refunds are applicable after 15 days.


Purchase Cancellation: To cancel a purchase, you must first contact us to send a notice of cancellation to the merchant. The cancellation will take effect at the date of delivery of the notice. It is therefore advisable to keep proof of delivery of such notice.


Exchange: If your product is defective or damaged upon receipt, please contact us with a description of the problem so that we can analyze your application. If your application is approved (see the limited warranty), the damaged item will be replaced without charge. Returns must be made within 15 days of receiving the defective item or damaged.


Refund: The amount will be refunded within 15 days of the delivery of the notice. For your part, you must return the goods at your expense (see return procedure) in the state in which you received them, within 15 days of the sending of the notice, or 15 days after delivery if it was made after the cancellation of purchase. Shipping fees are not refundable under any circumstances, since they are paid to the delivery company.


Return procedure You must return the unused item in its original packaging and accompanied by the original invoice packing goods. You have a responsibility to protect the well during shipment. If all conditions are met, you will receive new merchandise or refund within 15 days of receipt of the product.


Turn your articles to the following address:


Slim Card

C.P. 85040, 345 Laurier

St-Hilaire (Québec)

J3H 5W1




12. Resolution Process customer complaints


Slim Card is committed to providing outstanding service and quality products. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience, we want to know. Be assured that we will process your request promptly. Our goal is to offer a solution that fits your needs.


To file a complaint, we encourage you to contact us.


Your request should include the following information, so we can analyze your request.


  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Date of purchase

  • Invoice number

  • Type of article

  • Concise description of the problem


You will receive a confirmation by email within 7 days of. Generally, most problems are resolved quickly. Slim Card is committed to process your request within 45 days of confirmation.



13. Disclaimer


The texts and products available on the website are for entertainement and educational purpose only. They are not intent for cheating under any circonstance as it unfair, unethical, illegal and could be dangerous to your health. We can not be held responsible for the misuses of the material or for the consequences of cheating or unlawful gambling. We do not consider ourselves expert beyond our own discoveries and knowledge that we use for entertaining purposes only.



14. Contact Us


If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns regarding our conditions of sale, or want to report a potential error. You can write us at contact us.



15. Standards


The terms of sale have been prepared in accordance the law on consumer protection in Quebec. You can visit the Office of Consumer Protection Quebec for more details.





- Legendary Quote -

“Forty years of constant “Old Reliable” service has established our reputation for the best product at the lowest possible price. The artists, mechanics, and craftsmen we employ are all capable people with many years of experience, who are always ready to solve your particular problem. For guaranteed satisfaction, learn to rely on the world famous K.C. Card Co.”


–K.C. Card Co