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Slim Card l Gaffs & Magic


These are books that inspired us and that we used to perfect card trimming techniques. Books written by Steve Forte, Fast Jack and Darwin Ortiz explain some gaffs used by cheaters that we can then use for magic. There are also magicians like Doug Edwards and Dai Vernon that incorporate special type of cards in their magic.

We are always fascinated how techniques perfected by cardsharps can be incorporated in a magic presentation. As Dai Vernon once said, "anytime I heard there was gambling going on I used to try and see if I could learn anything that could be applied to magic".

- Legendary Quote -


“On one summer day in 1974, I took the elevator to the 16th floor, walked down the hall and opened a glass door with its familiar gold lettering, Edward’s Dice Company. Inside, a glass showcase displayed all types of crooked gambling equipment.”


                                                     - John Farrell, Fast Jack The Last Hustler

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