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Slim Card l Gaffs & Magic
Slim Card l Gaffs & Magic


A Gambler’s Bug is a holdout device that you usually fix under the table to take a card and keep it for a later hand.

This particular is different as it was made for magicians. Years ago, Dai Vernon asked Joe Porper to make this special bug. It can be attached under the table or directly on your pants and is perfect to switch cards.


The shiner, also called glim or light, is the perfect gaff to know your opponents playing cards while you’re dealing. You can see every card you deal with the reflection of this small mirror concealed in your hand or nearby. Jonathan Green, the reformed gambler, would claim and try to prove that all cards were marked and that he could tell their value using a shiner.

This shiner’s secret is that the other half of it is a Sacagawea dollar.


It is the perfect for tool for a second dealer (number two man). The punch makes a little hump on the surface (usually the face card and ace) of the playing card so that the dealer can feel the card and decide to keep it to himself by dealing seconds. It is usually considered the pinnacle of the second deal. It also makes great magic and gambling demo.

This particular card punch was made by James Riser.

- Legendary Quote -


“On one summer day in 1974, I took the elevator to the 16th floor, walked down the hall and opened a glass door with its familiar gold lettering, Edward’s Dice Company. Inside, a glass showcase displayed all types of crooked gambling equipment.”


                                                     - John Farrell, Fast Jack The Last Hustler

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