A wedge stripper that is extremely deceptive. You will have to practise to strip out the cards but no spectator will be able to do it. It looks and feels like a normal deck. It’s also a good practise deck to learn how to feel other kinds of gaffed decks like bellys and Ns.

There is also a tutorial video that comes with this deck that will explain how to use it and show certain magic trick you can do.

Type of cards: Extra charge may apply on certain type of cards. Contact us if you need a specific deck not listed below.

Difficulty level: Expert


Ceci est un jeu de cartes biseauté (wedge stripper) extrêmement subtile et discret. Vous seul serez capable de sortir la carte (avec de la pratique).

Type de cartes: Des frais supplémentaires peuvent s’appliquer sur certain type de cartes. Contactez-nous si vous avez besoin d’un paquet spécifique qui ne figure pas dans la liste ci-dessous.

Niveau de difficulté: Expert

Very Fine Stripper

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